Checklist: What You Need to Know to Prepare for and Recover from a Ransomware Attack


Be Prepared for a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is defined as vicious malware that locks users out of their devices or blocks access to files until a sum of money or ransom is paid. Ransomware attacks cause downtime, data loss, possible intellectual property theft,  and in certain industries an attack is considered a data breach.

Skyrocketing attack rates, double and triple extortion, increasing ransom demands…cybercriminals are inflicting pain in every way imaginable when it comes to today’s ransomware attacks. And you need to be prepared to protect your network, NOW. Learn the steps you need to take to minimize damage to your network and your organization when a ransomware attack strikes.

The best way to prevent an infection is to implement a multi-layered security stack for the best possible protection.

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