Is your organization on the right path towards achieving a cutting-edge and highly secure collaborative platform? Unlock the potential of your digital transformation journey by uncovering the vital four initiatives that will drive your progress forward.

A collaboration platform seamlessly connects and empowers team members in a hybrid office environment. This innovative solution eliminates physical distance barriers, enabling teams to work together as if in the same room. With a collaboration platform, teams can harness seamless integration, streamlined workflows, and real-time communication to achieve extraordinary results. Embrace the limitless possibilities of a digital era.

Where is your organization in its digital transformation journey?

roadmap of digital transformation
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SharePoint Optimization

Boost the power of SharePoint and build a dynamic hub that effortlessly handles all your needs, while keeping the user experience top-notch.


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Data Migration Services

Move or transform data from file servers or cloud-based content between tenants, including popular platforms like Microsoft Teams and 365.


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Data Governance Services

Collaborate with confidence, knowing that your governance policies are diligently upheld and your data remains safeguarded.


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Eliminate errors caused by time-consuming paperwork and intricate workflows by harnessing the potential of automation and digitalization.


BindTuning-Forthright OpEx2023

Teaming up with our partner, BindTuning, to present at the  Operational Excellence & Business Transformation World Summit.

Here's a glimpse of what we covered during our presentation:

  • The Vital Role of Automated Governance: Explore how automated governance is becoming an indispensable asset in the healthcare sector, ensuring compliance, security, and seamless operations.

  • Real-World Case Study: Gain invaluable insights from a national healthcare network that has successfully harnessed the power of Automate365 and offering practical takeaways for your own healthcare organization.

  • Tangible Benefits: Learn how Automate365 can lead to cost and time reductions, enhanced efficiency, bolstered security measures, and an improved user experience.

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About Forthright

Forthright Technology Partners collaborates with various businesses to drive digital transformation initiatives. With cutting-edge technology solutions, we excel in optimizing SharePoint and crafting Intranet sites for different departments and teams. Our expertise lies in managing risks by tackling governance and enforcement challenges related to Microsoft 365. Furthermore, we revolutionize productivity by digitizing and automating paper-based workflows and processes, thereby minimizing costly human errors. Join forces with Forthright to propel your digital transformation journey towards modernization. With an extensive experience of over 30 years, we offer unparalleled services and thought leadership, coupled with a deep understanding of your unique requirements.