Innovative Healthcare Solutions for an Evolving Healthcare Community

There are four fundamental initiatives that every organization needs in order to create and maintain a modern and secure collaborative platform.

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SharePoint Optimization

Supercharge SharePoint and create a highly functional hub for everything without sacrificing user experience


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Data Migration Services

Migrate or restructure data from file servers or cloud content from tenant-to-tenant, such as Microsoft Teams & 365


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Data Governance Services

Collaborate with peace of mind, knowing that your governance policies are being diligently enforced and that your data is secure


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Eliminate mistakes caused by tedious paperwork and complex workflows with the power of automation and digitalization 




Transform your business with collaborative healthcare solutions that can help you deliver personalized, efficient, and informed care.


CASE STUDY: How Forthright and Nutanix helped CHI leverage technology to simplify the management of their IT infrastructure and create a more efficient IT environment.

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About Forthright

Forthright Technology Partners works with healthcare centers and other businesses on digital transformation initiatives. In addition to technology solutions, Forthright optimizes SharePoint and creates Intranet sites for departments and teams; manages risk by solving governance and enforcement challenges related to Microsoft 365; and digitizes / automates paper-based workflows and processes to streamline productivity and reduce costly human error. Partner with Forthright to take the next step in your digital transformation initiatives to modernize. With our experience working with Health Choice Network and their centers for over a decade, Forthright can offer services and thought leadership with a solid understanding of your unique needs.